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Why carbon fiber?

Strongest man-made material

Made using a unique microscopic crystalline structure, carbon atoms are bonded together in microscopic crystals. While carbon crystals show exceptional weight-to-strength ratio themselves, when thousands of them are woven, bonded, and molded together - the resulting material is 5 times stronger than steel.

Extremely Lightweight

Carbon fiber's single strand has a diameter of 0.005-0.010 mm - thinner than a human hair. During production, thousands of thin strands of carbon are twisted together to form a yarn that is then woven into a flexible fabric that can be molded into many different shapes.

Unparalleled Durability

Carbon fiber is corrosion and scratch resistant. It possesses high energy absorption rate, is both moisture and heat stable, and and will not stretch. No wonder it is the only material that the professionals accross automotive, bicelying and many more industries trust to keep them going.